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My father-in-law (US citizen) filed petition for sister-in-law and brother-in-law in 2008/2009. SIL and BIL family are residing in India, never visited USA. The file was current on Jun 1, 2020. The documents were submitted and families were awaiting interview call. However, FIL passed away on Jan 1, 2021. What are our options? My mother-in-law is also US citizen. She also filed for SIL and BIL at the same time in 2008/2009. The petition through mother-in-law was also current on Jun 1, 2020. However, we did not pursue submission through her as father-in-law insisted to file through him. Can the documentation submitted in CEAC website be transferred to mother-in-law's petition?

User's Location: Wilmington, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Family-based Green Card