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Intent: We need to bring our mother to the USA on a GC. I am a naturalized US citizen, and my brother is a GC holder. Background: My mother is 80 years old, and she is in early stages of dementia. Also, she is totally bedridden (lost movement in legs due to diabetes). At the moment, we have 24x7 care for her in India. There are no other siblings. Our father died 3 years ago. My mother has travelled to the USA in the past, but now her visa is expired. Process & support: I have started a form 130 for petitioning her to join me in the US as the last remaining immediate relative (parent). We will be supporting her financially. We have studied the home care market and have identified memory-care homes that we will have her stay in. Alternately, we can build a suite in our home to house her as well as a caretaker. We currently spend more USD in supporting her remotely, and for regular travel to India. Question: Since she is 80 years old, can we avoid the consular interview? Even if the consular officer somehow was persuaded to visit her to do the interview (if possible, with local Congressman's support), is there even any chance that she will be granted permanent residence?

User's Location: Camas, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Family-based Green Card