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I and my wife are Indian citizens. We have two daughters. One is an American and the other is a Canadian (born in Canada). We are going to be Canadian citizens next year. My sister in law is an American citizen and her Parents are Green Card holders. Also, My sister is going to be a US citizen in a few months. I have an approved I140 (May 2014). I have done my masters in the US and I worked there from 2010 up to 2017. My wife also did her masters in the US and both of us are in IT. We are looking to immigrate to the US. Please let me know if my daughter being a Canadian born Canadian citizen is going to expedite our Green card process by putting us in the Canadian quota in the family route as opposed to an Indian quota. Will a similar advantage exist when I move to the US with a H1B and will I be put into a H1B lottery when I apply for an H1b (I already have an approved I140). Also, if I should migrate to the US please let me know what would be most beneficial the employment route or the family route.

User's Location: Montreal, Canada

Category: Family-based Green Card