This is regarding an immigration query related to my parents. We had applied for Green card for both of my parents when they were in the US last year December(2018). They were called in for finger printing by end of January 2019. But due to health reasons, they had to travel back prior to any intimation from USCIS and before they received their travel parole. We assumed that the application was abandoned. In Sept 2019, we received a I-130 approval and within 2-3 weeks a I-485 denial (reason being I-864 affidavit of support was not submitted). It was advised not to re appeal the decision in the letter. It was also stated that they should leave the country immediately. Questions we need clarification on - 1. Is the I-130 still valid? Can we apply for I-485 through consular processing?Is consular processing the better option, in terms of processing time ? 2. On USCIS website, it says we need to submit Form I824 to shift to consular processing? Is that correct? 3. Can they visit on visa if they apply for consular processing and it is progress? They do have a valid visitor visa. Thanks much for your inputs.

User's Location: San Ramon, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Family-based Green Card