My parents (Indian citizen) are currently in US on visitor visa. While they are here, I applied for concurrent filing in US (which is I130, I485) about a month back. My parents already had their finger printing last week. My question is that as their return ticket to India is on 12/18/2018 as their 6 months entry through the visitor visa expires then. Do they need to go back to India as their 6 month entry will expire then? If yes then will it be a problem for them to come back on visitor visa in February 2019?. Can they even come back assuming they haven’t received any other paper work back regarding their application above? Or can they just stay here in US after 12/18/2018. (Please note that they have not yet received any paper work for their concurrent filing except fingerprinting and a receipt stating that USICS have received their application.) We are not interested to do anything illegal to jeopardize their application. On the side note we had filed for travel document I-131 along with the fees saying they would like to travel to India on 12/18/2018 for 10 days which was returned to us as unnecessary document and fees.

User's Location: San Jose, California, United States of America

Category: Family-based Green Card