I am a US citizen. My dad is an Indian citizen who visited me in May 2017 on B1/B2 visa. Before his I-94 expires, I applied for his US Green Card by concurrent filling of I-130 and I-1485. Both the applications are still pending. Earlier this year, we applied for his I-131(Advance Parole). We got a notification on 11/03/2018 that is got approved. We received the approval notice on 11/08/2018. We haven't received the real Advance Parole document yet. Is it ok for him to travel to India and once I receive his Advance Parole document. I am planning to travel to India and take his Advance Parole document with me so that he can use it to enter states. Can it post any issue at the port of entry if he travels now without having the actual Advance Parole document in hand?

User's Location: Euless, Texas, United States of America

Category: Family-based Green Card