I was a green card holder when I filed for I-130 for my wife (she is inside US, May 6, 2016), approved Sep 2016. We filed I-485 to USCIS based on visa bulletin DATES FOR FILING APPLICATION on Oct 2, 2017 (VIsa bulletin F2A category date for filing application Nov 1, 2016). I became citizen in June 2018 and updated USCIS. Interview was scheduled on Oct 23, 2018, went well and we were told we will get the GC in mail in 2-3 weeks. 2 weeks later we received notice of denial intent because when we filed I-485, DATE FOR FINAL ACTION was not reached her priority date. I am confused, since we filed after the visa bulletin DATES FOR FILING FAMILY-SPONSORED VISA APPLICATIONS said we are allowed to file. She got her EAD/AP ok and all of that. What should I do?

User's Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States of America

Category: Family-based Green Card