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Hi Indu, I am a naturalized US citizen who filed for a green card for my parents recently. Their I-130 was approved few weeks back while they were in India. We also heard from the State Department recently about next steps. Meanwhile, they've come to the US on a tourist VISA to visit us. They arrived on 08/24 and plan to return in the first week of November. 1. Should I go ahead with the consular processing of green card as planned earlier, or should I file for adjustment of status now that they are here? 2. Do you see any risk in filing for adjustment of status, since they came here on a tourist VISA? 3. How long does adjustment of status take? They cannot stay in the US beyond early November. Just so you know, they have made annual trips to the US since 2007. Each trip has lasted for a couple months. They have NEVER over-stayed their VISA and have a clean record with regards to immigration. Thank you for your insight.

User's Location: Saint Louis, Missouri, United States of America

Category: Family-based Green Card