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I petitioned I-130 for my parents in February 2018. Recently, my dad alone got a 'Request for Evidence' . RFE says "Submit original document Submit the original birth certificate the copy not clear to read. Do not submit a photocopy of the document. the original document will be returned to you. Submit birth certificate Submit a photocopy of the original birth certificate of . The birth certificate must be registered and issued by an appropriate civil authority in the country of his birth and must show the name of the child, date, place of birth. and parent(s) names..." Questions We don't have my father's birth certificate. We have his original school leaving certificate (from govt of India) which has his date of birth,father's name but not place of birth. I have my original birth certificate and can send that. Should I send a copy of my father's school leaving certificate along with it ? Is any other explanation necessary ? What should we do for place of birth ? I am surprised that my mother's I-130 petition did not receive the same RFE. I can only send one original copy of my birth certificate for my father's RFE letter. How do I best answer this RFE ?

User's Location: Santa Clara, California, United States of America

Category: Family-based Green Card