We are planning to file GC for Father who came to US on B2 visa, 1-July'2018 after my mom passed away in May'2018. My parents has visited US so many times in past 18 years and never over stayed . He also has house in home town in India and retired from Govt service and now 79 years old. Question we have is how to prove that his intent was not to file PR, as he lost wife and now we are making his mind for not to stay alone there in India and he agreed after lot of discussions. Should we use cover letter along with I 130 or use Part 9 for additional information to explain intent. There is No supporting document which has any conflict presentation that he came prepared for filing GC. we are planning to file next week both I130 and 485 together with 131 so for any emergency reason if need to travel. he has I94 valid till 31-Dec. Q1) Should we use cover letter to explain intent or Part 9 of I130 form or should not try to justify intent. Q2) is it fine to apply after 30 days , as i said there was no intent for filing GC before he visited US, how do we present the intent.

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Category: Family-based Green Card