1. What are the chances nowadays of the consular processing (parents in India) GC application being rejected? Have you had any/seen any rejections; and what are the causes? Has it worsened in recent times? 1(a) If the consular processing is rejected, what does that do their future B1/B2 applications? 2. Clarification: Once we apply for the consular processing, does their existing B1/B2s get invalidated/canceled, or is it only that they might have to answer questions at the port of entry? 3. If one (U.S.Citizen) is to get married to a Indian citizen on a work permit and based here (on H1b or H1b-seventh year extension), are there any complications if they were to get married in India? What are the issues/delays, if any to return to the U.S ? thanks,

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Category: Family-based Green Card