Hi, I am Sushanth Reddy Ponugoti citizen of India came to USA for studying Masters on 09/03/2021 to the state of Minnesota on F1(student visa). I recieved a Citation for Selling tobacco to under 21 years of age with Citation no: #270321250313 on 11/03/2021. I recieved it when I newly went to my Friend Gas Station located at (7820 Lakeland ave N, Brooklyn park, MN 55445) to help him for 2 hours when he went out for important work, as I newly came to USA and I unknowingly sold tobacco to Minor without asking him for ID and got a Citation ticket for that. I already paid fine of around 125$ with in 30 days after I recieved citation. I currently compleated my Masters and working as a Software Engineer also change of status from F1 to H1B has happened on 10/02/2023 So currently I am on H1B visa. So, my question here is as 2 Years got completed after I recieved Citation on 11/03/2021 can I apply for Expungement from my Name, if I can apply I need assistance regarding the process. Also I have not travelled to India since I came to USA so if I go to India for H1B stamping process and return to US do the immigration officer will be able to see Citation on my name and question me about it?

User's Location: Irving, Alabama, United States of America

Category: F1 Visa (Student Visa)