I'm from China, and I'm having my master program in US now. When I applied for F1 visa last year, I forgot to add a working experience in my ds160 form and CV. It was an administrative assistant job at my friend's family company. I mainly went to help, so I didn’t regard it as work experience that time. This year when I wrote this experience in Canada travel visa application, I suddenly realized I forgot to write it in us visa application. Also, since my major is computer engineering, my visa was checked and it was only for one year, even it is a two-year program. (Almost all Chinese student studying in computer major will be checked). Meanwhile, my Canada visa was rejected for the first time, because I forgot to attach my i20 and my US visa was expired. I got my Canada visa when I attached i20. I'll come back home next summer and having PhD program next year. When I apply for F1 visa again, should I add this work experience? do I need to explain it? (where to add explanation?) will I be rejected because the work experience is different?What if I don't add it and let it looks like the same as before? It's more than 99% that I'll be checked for computer major PhD program.

User's Location: New York City, Alabama, United States of America

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