Here is a write-up for attention for situation of H4 to F1 and back to H4 visa ------------- Status-quo ------------- Member 1: Self/ Primary on H1-B and has I-140/ PERM Approved Member 2: Son on H4 Currently 18 years 5 months (Goes out of the H4 when he turns 21). Started Undergrad and he is currently stands to benefit from in-state college tuition, but he does not have SSN being on H4 Visa We have not left the country since 2015 then, so our visa is not stamped on passport. Member 2: Son ------------- Issue: Does not have SSN, and so in not able to enroll in part time jobs on college campus/ research assistant etc. Question --------- 1. What is the possibility to have him transfer H4 to F1 "temporarily only" without leaving the country, so that he can then apply and get SSN? 2. He will seek opportunity of international travel as a student/ exchange student, and we also plan to visit India (which possess a risk to stamping on F1 because it is not possible to clear prove ties to your home country), so soon we think we would like to initiate his transfer back to H4. If this is possible what is the timeframe looking?

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