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Hi, My STEM OPT Extension (2 years) was approved the last year 2019, received approval notice from USCIS last year and suddenly, I received notice from USCIS today that they have Denied my case. The case was reopened on Sept 14, 2020. Initial approval notice was sent by USCIS last year around Sept 2019 and as per the notice, my OPT was valid till Aug 2021. I received an email from USCIS last week about reopening & reconsidering my case. I could not update my SEVP account from last year due to family medical reasons and human error from my side. That could be the possible reason for the denial of my OPT extension application. my employer can't employ me without work authorization. I am married and my husband is on H1b with I140 approved. Can I apply for H4 without leaving the country after this situation with denied OPT extension? Also, is there any other way to appeal for reconsideration of my case? I have a valid Job and E verified employer. Any suggestion is appreciated. My SEVP account is locked and my DSO is also working on my case as I had submitted all the documents correctly while filing the STEM OPT Extension.

User's Location: Santa Monica, Alabama, United States of America

Category: F1 Visa (Student Visa)