I was on F1, 2 years back, my opt extension got denied due to college accreditation issue. When my stem got denied with in the grace period, my Sevis got terminated due to some mistake. Our DSO raised request for Reinstatement and then Sevis got active. Joined new university for second masters and took Day 1 CPT. Recently completed 2nd masters as well. Joined MBA in the same university and continuing the CPT. I was attending the university 3 days a semester and we have every week assignments and course curriculum. Our DSO says, they were following all the USCIS rules. 1) Will there be an issue related to CPT when I apply for H1B 2) There was August 9th memo, regarding F1 Violation. Will that affect me? 3) Does taking Day 1 CPT and working is Unlawful Presence. 4) What are the possibilities of H1 approval in this case, if I was working and applying for it? 5) When sevis got reinstatement , do i need to cross country border for stamping again? 6) Will there be any effect of previous H1B denial to the present year H1 application or everytime considered as fresh application.

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