Hi, I am a F1 student currently working in a company in Atlanta. I am planning to travel to India for 3 weeks in february. The company is going to be filing my H1B on April 1. I came to know from a friend about the Department of State, September 1 2017, 90-day rule which explains that there should not be any change in intent of entry into USA within 90 days from the state of his/her entry. And filing a H1B within 90 days of entry might be considered a misinterpretation which might lead to the rejection of the H1B. I am not sure about the details of it. But can you please let me know if i should consider travelling to India in Feb or move it to a later time? Will travelling now affect the H1B process? Thanks!

User's Location: Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America

Category: F1 Visa (Student Visa)