My son is being offered Graduate(MS) admission by Eastern Illinois//www.eiu.edu/ in US. He attended F1(Student) VISA interview at Hyderabad and Chennai from India, but it was rejected twice saying same reason under section 214(b). As per my son update he demonstrated that he would go back India once he is done with his MS. He attended with all required documents (PP, i20, Education, worth Assets, enough Liquidity, my spouse employment etc.,).VISA officer may not go through all the documents. FYI- He has H4(Dependent) Visa until Jan2020 however he crossed age of 21(DOB: YYYY1996). My status is on H1B have been here in US 2.5 years and spouse entire family members are in India. We showed funds $50K from US and INR15Lakhs from Ind and other Assets too. Query: 1) we are trying 3rd time now what could be the chances to get through his F1 VISA and what kind of approach or precautions that we should take care? is there any impact in long run? 2) Can he travel on his current H4 VISA (age crossed21) and later can we transfer H4 to F1 from US? 3) Kindly elaborate more if we have any gap or missing anything. 4) How attorney would help if we request service from attorney in this regards?

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