Hi, I was on F1-OPT Visa Status and applied for STEM OPT Extension before my OPT Deadline expired. My university approved it and sent me an approval email. Reading the e-mail, I had the impression that my extension was approved, therefore I thought that I didn't need to take any further action. However, I just realized that I had to send my I-765 application as well as my new I-20 to USCIS to complete my application. The issue is those documents didn't arrive at my address from my university which is another reason why I didn't remember to file them. I just realized all these today and as of now I've missed the deadline to apply to USCIS by 4 months. Is there any possibility that I can amend to USCIS and still have them process my STEM-OPT extension request providing two excuses 1) I was misleaded by the emails that I didn't need to take any further action after university's approval 2) I didn't receive the documents to be sent to USCIS by my university. Looking forward to your reply.

User's Location: New York, New York, United States of America

Category: F1 Visa (Student Visa)