I am on H1B visa and my i-94 expired on May 30th. My H1B renewal petition was filed on May 2nd and the denial notice was sent on Oct 23rd. So I need to leave USA within 30 days. The issue is my daughter who is on H4 visa is studying 12th grade from a New Jersey High School. We found one private school in Texas who is ready to give I-20 to my daughter to continue her schooling here. Now the question is, whether we can apply for F1 visa for my daughter from USA itself without leaving this country keeping in mind that our H1B & H4 visas were denied on Oct 23rd, 2018. The intention is to continue her high school education in USA even if we (parents) have to leave to our home country. We have relatives in Texas who can support my daughter until she completes her high school. Please help advise

User's Location: Cranbury, New Jersey, United States of America

Category: F1 Visa (Student Visa)