I am applying for OPT extension with my current employer, for whom I am working since 8-9 months. They got e verified recently( last week). Now the question is, I am planning to quit this job as we are moving to a different place. I am aware of the 90/120 day unemployment rules. But is it ok to be unemployed during the OPT extension process? If my OPT extension is rejected for this reason, will it be any problem to my current OPT? My OPT expires in july and I will be looking for jobs in the new place mean while. I really want to apply for extension, as I will not have to hurry up for next job as I will get limit of 120 unemployment days in the place of 90. Also that I do not have to necessarily need H1 to be processed before my OPT expiration so that I will be eligible for the cap gap.

User's Location: Columbus, Ohio, United States of America

Category: F1 Visa (Student Visa)