Priority Date : 15-Jan-2014 Category : EB2 and EB3 I - 485 Filed from Employer 1 in EB2 as well as EB3 Changed to Employer 2 after 180 days I -485 J Filed with Employer 2 EAD + AP Renewed for Primary and Dependant till 2029 Question 1: In case of layoff how many days primary can be unemployed without impacting AOS ? Question 2: Does Primary need to be Employed when dates are current or they can do business? Question 3: What is the impact on dependent EAD in case of primary is unemployed? Question 4: How soon primary need to file I 485 J after joining a new employer (Employer 3) to avoid impact on AOS application? Question 5 : If the dates are current and if the primary is unemployed can they still get the green card? Question 6 : If there is an interview and if there is no Job offer from any of the companiess will the green card still be granted ?

User's Location: Richmond, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card