Hello, I am a Canadian citizen on J-2 status in the US, as a dependent of my wife who is on J-1 visa as a postdoctoral researcher at a US university. The J-2 status is valid until later this year - Nov 2024. I recently applied for J-2 EAD initial work authorization (I-765) with USCIS in December 2023. The application is currently under process & biometrics stage is passed - but the estimated time for completion is not known. The USCIS account says "case is taking longer than expected". I'm expecting a decision in a month or two, since it takes to take USCIS 3-4 months in all to process J-2 EAD in most cases from my research. I need to go to back to Canada for 1-1.5 months due to a family emergency. My question is - would this cause USCIS to cancel the in progress EAD application or deny me a J-2 EAD since I will be out of the country? Please let me know if you have seen any cases where J-2 EAD was denied because the applicant was out of US. Thanks!

User's Location: Palo Alto, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card