Hi Alexandar, Can you help me with the below details. I am currently on a EAD (H1B) status working as a full time employee for the company who filed my I485 application, my priority date is OCT 2012 (EB2) and my I485 is pending for approval. I will continue work for this company as my main job for few more years. I have joined a partnership firm (LLP) as a member and investor, but haven’t registered or started my own LLC, only joined as a member with my name. Is it lawful to join as a member in a partnership firm LLP while being on a EAD status, and continue work as a full time time employee as my main job to the employer who filed the I485? If I am eligible, then will there be any complications on my Green card I485 approval process by joining this partnership firm (LLP) as a member and investor. Please advise. Thank you Senthil

User's Location: Ofallon, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card