Hi! I'm an Indian citizen, came to US on student visa, currently working here on H1B -------My Mom is a recent US GC holder and she's just now sponsored me for family-based GC petition (I-130) & I plan to continue staying in the US while my petition is adjudicated by USCIS -------Due to budget cuts my job may get eliminated in 1 or 2 months and, as a back-up plan, I'm thinking of going back to school full-time in US in Jan 2024 --------------My Qs are: -(1a) Will going back to school full-time in January 2024 adversely impact my family-based GC petition? (since as per my understanding international students are expected to return to their home countries after completion of their studies) --------------(1b) If the answer to (1a) is "Yes", is there any stage of the process when I can safely go back to school full-time with no impact on my petition? --------------(2a) If I lose my H1B job as I fear, how much time do I have before I'm expected to leave the US? --------------(2b) If I'm unable to find another H1B job in the allowed time per (2a), is there anything I can do to remain in the US lawfully until Jan 2024 when I can go back to school full-time? --------------Many thanks!

User's Location: Chicago, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card