Dear Sir/Madam, my name is Guna .On August 2017 me and my wife got employment based Green Card approved .we stayed in US for 3 years. During COVID times July 2020 our family (me, my wife and daughter)Moved to India. Reason to move is daughter’s education purpose and my Father sickness back in India. since July 2020 ,me and my wife travelling back to US every six months and staying in US for 10 days and going back to India. I am currently employee of a small US based LLC company which I have 5% busines share and running payroll of $4500 per month ,working from India.My wife was emplyee in IT company untill 2021 May.Now she is home maker.My daughter is a US citizen , 18 years old and currently doing under graduation in Medical college India. What are our options/ways to apply for US citizenship ? are we eligible ?or How much longer do we have to stay in US before we apply for citizenship .Please advise

User's Location: Monrow Township, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card