1] Is it ok to go with Masters degree (day 1 CPT university) and continue working as my PERM (filed 4 months ago) is not yet approved and I am very near to my H1B maxout? Yes/No 2] Is change of status from H1B to F1 within USA with premium processing good option? Yes/No 3] Some CPT universities only provide new i20 (leave USA and go for stamping) and no change of status i20. Is it safe? Yes/No 4] Is Sullivan university good to go as they are providing day 1 CPT for Masters graduate degree course (STEM)? 5] Should I exit USA and wait for i140 approval? Yes/No 6] My employer doesn't have projects outside USA so do they have to run the payroll with 0 salary when I am outside USA? Yes/No 7] If I think to exit USA how much days/months should I exit before H1B visa maxout?

User's Location: Crescent Springs, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card