Hello, Background: H1B with approved I-140 with employer A Category: EB-2 Priority date: July 2017 I-140 approved in: 2017 Is it more than 180 days after I-140 approval: Yes Is I-485/J filed: No I am planning to change job from employer A to employer B. Employer B is ready to hire by only transferring H1B but not willing to port I-140. Employer B says it can provide 'Schedule J' document and employee can file for I-485J/Adjustment of Status(AOS) by themselves. Queries: If/When I join employer B and employer A withdraws I-140 application, What happens to the approved I-140. Will the employee retain priority date and approved I-140. Can employer B or employer C (in future) port above I-140 to continue GC process. Can employer B or C use above approved I-140 to file I-485J/AOS when priority date is current. Can an employee himself file I-485J/AOS using above approved I-140 and schedule J doc from employer B or C. If yes, how to ensure I am in same job classification. Where do I check what exactly employer A filed as my job offer/roles/responsibilities/skill set to accurately match with my new Job offer. Can employer A re-activate the withdrawn I-140 and file AOS in future.

User's Location: Phoenix, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card