Background: PD Sep 2012. I was originally on EB2 and downgraded to EB3 in Oct 2020 and upgraded back to EB2 (A new I-140 as well as an I-485J was required as per employer attorney due to company's name change ). New EB2 I-140 was approved in May 2022. My EAD/AP card arrived in April 2022. Current Situation: I have lost my job 3 weeks ago while working on H1B and unable to find a new one yet due to too many layoffs. Also no one seems to be willing to transfer H1B, I might have to join a job (if any on EAD). H1B was renewed in April 2023 for 3 years and also stamped in passport in July 2023. Recent entry to US in July 2023 was on H1B. Question: Now since I have EAD, does the H1B grace period apply to me? If not, how does USCIS know that I have switched to EAD? Do I need to travel outside the country and come back to switch to EAD/AP? How long can I stay on EAD without job? Also, how does it impact my spouse who is working on H4-EAD and her I-9 was re-validated recently, does she need to re-validate her I-9 and switch to C9-EAD, if I don't find another job on H1B?

User's Location: Edison, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card