I am US Citizen.AOS was filed on 02/06/2023 for my mother who is in the USA.AOS package was received by USCIS on 02/08/20213. The case is with NBC. My Mom Priority date is 02/08/2023. Case processing time shows 10 months. Biometrics was done on 03/10/2023. The medical examination is done and the report is in a sealed cover signed by the civil surgeon on 03/23/2023. The civil surgeon handover the sealed package of I-693 to me. How long I can keep the sealed cover with me or I shall submit USCIS or I should wait till RFE comes with a request to provide medicals? What would be the best option for me to rightly manage the I-693 form which was signed by the doctor?

User's Location: Trenton, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card