Case details My 485 is pending with USCIS ( I am a co-applicant, the husband is primary applicant- EB2 Employment based - Priority date 05/2013). Got my EAD/AP card in Jan 2022 but never used it for employment purposes. I was employed on H1B for past 8 years and got laid off in June 2022. I traveled to India in July 2022 and used AP to return to US in Aug 2022. Questions 1. I’m yet to find new job, in the mean time can I file for CA unemployment benefits? 2. Will this cause any issues with my or my husband’s pending I485? Is it considered as a public charge? 3. Can I go back on H1B in future if i take Unemployment benefits?

User's Location: san jose, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card