Hi, My L1B stamped on Aug 2022. Once I go to US with L1B , Can my company apply for my GC under EB1C category with my L1B visa? Is it legally possible? If it's allowed, What is the success rate? My current role is "Technical lead". I am doing technical management only. But, my company is willing to support me in EB1C with L1B. If I am not eligible for EB1C , Is it possible to convert L1B to L1A when I am working in the US (after promotion) ? My H1B petition also got approved in Oct 2022 with another employer. Can I go for H1B stamping with another (future) company when I hold a valid L1B visa from my current company? If I go, Will they cancel my L1B visa ? Is it possible to hold two valid visas before travelling to the USA? How to hold my H1B approval without being revoked , until I try for GC with EB1C while I am in L1B? If EB1C-GC is not happening, I go for H1B. 1. When I am in L1B in the US, Can I do the H1B transfer without working for the H1B employer who filed my H1B? 2. When I am outside the US, Before going for H1B stamping , Can I take the H1B transfer with another employer with i797B ? What documents are needed for the H1B transfer? Thanks a mill.

User's Location: Frankfurt, Germany

Category: Employment-based Green Card