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Hello, I heard the recent news that someone with a 10 year bar can enter the US and serve out the remainder of that bar then apply to adjust status. I am married to a US citizen, I had my i-130 approval in 2013 but couldn't adjust due to my wife's employment termination. I had to come back to Canada in 2015 to work, but found out that I have a 10 year bar. We are currently living up in Canada but pretty soon my wife (who has a slight disability due to a broken hip and replacement) has to go back to take care and manage her adult son's mental health issues. How can I legally enter the US and be with my wife? Do I need to obtain a waiver to enter or a visitor visa? Or can I file a hardship application (green card)? The answers I am getting are conflicting.

User's Location: Vancouver BC, Canada

Category: Employment-based Green Card