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Hi, I was on L1-A blanket visa when my employer filed I-140 in the year 2017 under EB1-c category and got i-140 approved in Oct-2018. I had to move back to home country due to personal reasons in August-2018. Now i came back in Oct-2022 on L1-B(not L1-A) visa filed by same employer and planning to file i-485(AOS) for the i-140 approved in EB-1c category. My employer has provided the supportive document for i-485 filing , that is i-485j supplement form and it supports my role in i-140 in EB-1c category. Q 1: I was on L1-A when my i-140 got approved in EB-1c. Now i am on L1-B visa(Specialized knowledge). Does it going to impact my i-485 process in EB-1c category? Q2: Is there any chance of rejection/denial of my approved EB-1 i-140 subsequently i-485 because of the non-immigrant L1-B visa status(as this visa is for specialized knowledge but not multinational managers)? Please clarify. Appreciate your help. Raghu.

User's Location: Tampa, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card