My spouse got EAD and AP as a my dependent based on my employment based green card petition . She currently has a expired H1B visa stamp from Company A , while she works for Company B using an approved H1B I797 petition valid till 6/2023 . My spouse is planning to travel alone from United States to India and return back to United states using the Advance Parole card in Oct 2022 . She doesn't want to go through H1B stamping in India . 1. Will she face issues in the Port of Entry if she uses AP ? AP is valid till 2/2024 . She wants to resume working in her H1B 2. I will be staying in United States and will not accompany her . Are there issues in she traveling alone to India and re-entering United states using Advanced Parole ? 3. What documents should my spouse carry in Port of Entry ?

User's Location: Redmond, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card