Case Details : PD : 01/15/204 EB2 & EB3 140 Approved EB3 Downgrade AOS Filed on Oct 27 2020 EB2 Refile AOS Filed on May 11 2022 along with I485J EB3 I765 and 131 Approved EB2 I765 Approved EB2 131 Pending. Have not send any TUB Letters / Interfiling request. Question : 1. I am planning to join a new Employer on Nov 14 2022. By Joining will I impact my PD / 485 in any way ? 2. I am planning to travel out of USA and re enter on EB3 AP (Without Stamping). Will this mean that my 485 application will be considered on EB3 and not EB2 ? 3, What process do I need to follow to consider my application in EB2 ? If new employer does not file I485J and my date becomes current in EB2 will USCIS automatically consider my case in EB2 ?

User's Location: Henrico, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card