I applied PERM (12/06/2018) and I140 on 09/03/2019. I moved to India in the middle of PERM processing. My case was approved, and the USCIS status is: "CASE WAS SENT TO THE DEPARTMENT OF STATE On January 27, 2020, we sent your case, Receipt Number LIN1990677595, to the Department of State for visa processing." My agency & attorney missed the document from USCIS. When the attorney approached USCIS they received below reply:"THE PETITION WAS APPROVED AND AN APPROVAL NOTICE WAS MAILED TO YOUR ADDRESS ON FILE. THE PETITION AND ALL SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS WERE FORWARDED TO THE NATIONAL VISA CENTER FOR CONSULATE PROCESSING." I moved back to USA on H1b(used only 16 months) through different employer and raised a FOIA request for I140 approval copy. I got a reply that they could not trace my records. So I appealed the FOIA request by attaching the I94 & USCIS approval email yesterday Q1: Is my case approved? Q2: If approved, what is the consulate process mentioned above? Should I be concerned? Q3: Why FOIA not able to trace records (after USCIS email says approved) Q4: I want to apply H4EAD for my spouse as soon as possible. Can I apply with just the receipt number? Without the I 140 copy?

User's Location: bloomington, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card