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I want to take this new job offer and I am on EB3, PD is in 2014 so I am assuming it will take atleast 3 years for date to become current so really want to take this job offer. So once I-485 J is filed, does it gets adjudicated at time of adjudicating I-485(which could be 3 years from now) or I-485-J will get approved or denied sooner (that is lets say in 6 months.) If I-485 J processed sooner than PD becomes current and gets denied, does it denies my underlying I-485 even before PD is current or I-485 stay valid untill it is adjudicated which will give me chance to find another job where I-485-J could be potentially approved.

User's Location: Weston, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card