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We filed I-485 along with I-140 in 10/07/21 (I-693 also included), my I-140 was approved in 12/31/21 through premium processing in Nebraska SC. My PD is 05/21/12 which became current since Jan 2022. I received EAD/AP on 04/25/22. So far no action on I-485. My attorney says we need to wait since USCIS has said all pending cases will be adjudicated by 09/30/22. What do you think I can do at this point? I see several I-484 adjudications with a stand alone I-485 and approved I-140 whoever ends up at National Benefit Center while most of the Nebraska applications are languishing despite approved I-140/Final action date current and I-693 attached. I feel helpless with no solution in sight.

User's Location: Buffalo Grove, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card