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Hi, My priority date is Sep 25, 2013 and my company lawyers filed my I-485 on May 19th, since the eb2 date of filing was Sep 2014 for May and USCIS was accepting applications based on date of filing. However, this week I received a I-797C saying my application was rejected with this reason (summarized): "Based on information you provided, a visa is not immediately available for your priority date. USCIS will accept I-485........according to monthly VISA bulletin that DOS publishes as a guide......Unless otherwise indicated on the USCIS website individuals must use the Application Final Action Date for determining when they can file such applications........" 1. Why did USCIS reject it? (date of filling was allowed in May per my understanding ) 2. My lawyers are going to re-file it?. Is this the right approach and what other steps can we take to prevent this again?. Can we review this with USCIS?

User's Location: San Francisco, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card