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Our family (I, my wife and my 11 year old son) applied for I-485, EAD and I-131 together in November 2020. Our applications got rejected for invalid reasons in March 2021. Our attorneys resubmitted our applications in April 2021. After that our applications got accepted. We all got our biometrics done. My son and I received our approved EAD and i-131 combo card. My wife is still waiting for her EAD and advance parole approval. We also have our H1b/H4 renewal approved until January 2024. However our previously stamped H1b/h4 visas have expired in September 2021. Now we all need to travel to India on an urgent matter. Since our H1b/H4 visa has expired in September 2021 and my wife still doesn't have her advance parole approved, our plan is to travel to India together, after my vacation I will travel back to the USA using advance parole to start going back to work. My wife will stay back in India as she doesn't have her advance parole approved or a valid H4 visa to travel. We will keep trying to get H1B/H4 Dropbox stamping slots to open in India, once we get an appointment I will go back to India and go for H1b/H4 stamping with my wife. After H1b/h4 stamping, we both will come back t

User's Location: Yorktown, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card