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Hi Lawbench, I am Rama. I have moved to a different company than the one that filed for my green card as they lost the project. Now I am working for a different company on H1B. Now the new company has not filed for a new I140 application and old application is still active. We filed for I485, I765 and I131 from the previous company. Question is if my GC gets approved should I still go back and work for my previous company? They don't seem to have the project still similar to the one that was mentioned in the I140. The concern I keep hearing for not joining the company, post GC is that at the time of citizenship interview there could be a question regarding why I did not join back my previous company. Could the non availability of the same/similar projects with the company be a valid reason to establish that there was a sincere attempt made to honor the original offer letter and because of reasons in no one's control we could not proceed further? What are the concerns that I should be aware of if I dont work for the company who filed for I465 after I receive my GC in terms of Citizenship interview. Thanks RK

User's Location: RoundRock, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card