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situation: chinese citizen, got first h1b in 2015 with first job. Second employer sponsored green card and i140 approved with priority date 2018 03 (current). changed to 3rd job in 2020 and restarted greencard process. currently waiting for PERM approval. This person wants to go to school in 2022 09 First situation: she gets married with a greencard holder, then apply for F2A greencard/file the 485, then this person quit. (1) can she find another job that sponsors H1B anytime without worrying about 60 days grace period. (2) can she goes to school with M1 visa (school is part of SEVIS). is it necessary? or she doesnt need this visa. She can go to school with i485 pending (3) recently how long does it take to process F2A from apply to getting EAD card and AP? and to getting greencard? In California Situation 2 She doesn’t get married. And decide to transfer her h1b to M1, can she start the school when the transfer is pending? If she transferred to M1 and after she graduates she Has to choose jobs that are associated to M1 subjects?

User's Location: San Francisco, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card