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HI, My old employer filed my 485 with EB3 downgrade in oct’2020 (I left the company in apr’2020 and filed my 485 in oct’2020). After that I got EAD but my EB3 downgrade 140 was still pending and recently got approved. Now my EB3 date is not current (PD 03/15/2012), I requested my old employer to interfile the case to EB2 along with 485J. But he is not doing that and not responding my calls/emails. Perm filed in march with my current employer. Q: Can I interfile my case on my own without 485J? what happens if I get RFE for 485J and my old employer don’t send the 485J? will there be any issue? Or can my Current employer submit the 485J??

User's Location: marietta, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card