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Hi Experts, My PD is Nov 2013. I had an EB2 140, but in 2020, I downgraded to EB3 and did concurrent filing of I140 and 485. I received EAD last year, and now waiting to interfile if my EB2 date becomes current. I m currently working as an IT architect and I have very good offers (Engineering Manager) from two companies. If I take one of the offers, I have to use my EAD (they don't sponsor H1B) and I will be stuck with EB3. Is it worth doing interfiling and remain in same company until I get my green card ? Is it risky to join new employer with EAD ? The position where I applied for green card (IT Architect) will be different from the position I will working (Engg. Manager). When I may get green card if I stick with EB3 ?

User's Location: WAXHAW, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card