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I am on H4 and my H4 is expiring on May 29th, the EAD is also going down with it. The last visa stamped on my Passport is H1B and that was in 2016. Can I go to Canada CBP and get my 194 extended on my Husbands I797/H1 basis? That way I can get the 180 Extension on my EAD I am trying to get stamping date in India and Canada also but no luck as of now. If the Automatic Visa Revalidation is not in scope does raising a Service Request to Expedite the H4 will help? I can ask my Employer to provide me some letter for loss to the company as well Hardship on our finances if I lose my status.

User's Location: Milpitas, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card