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I am a Physician working on H1b visa. My priority date is Feb 2014. My situation is that I travel every alternate month to India, as I have a son who needs special needs who is well taken care of in India. I will not be able to stop traveling for a prolonged periods of time after applying for EAD or GC. My question is can I skip EAD application and directly apply for GC? Or in other words, what would be the best way to proceed without interrupting my travel or Job and apply for GC. My dates are current in date of filing chart. If I apply for GC, will I be able to travel as usual every alternate month without any problem to my GC application? Will I be able to travel even if I apply for EAD as well. My preference would be any application that will not hinder my travel plans.

User's Location: Wyomissing, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card