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Background: My employer is filing for PERM and wanted to check the process on how to add my wife in the process. Some of the answers online I see my wife can be added when I-140 is getting filed. My priority date is Aug 2012 under EB2 and is current to my understanding. My wife currently is on H1 by her employer and she may quit and go to India in May. My I-140 may get filed maybe later the year while she may be in India. We have a baby who has US citizenship and traveling to India on OCI. The question is does she need to be transferred to my H4 right after she quits even though she will be leaving the country? Let's say I get to file the adjustment of status after I -140 is approved - what is the process to accommodate my spouse - Would she have to file H4 and enter back the country even if I get the green card while she is in India? If you could guide me on what are the options that would be great! Thanks for your time.

User's Location: San Jose, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card