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Dear Lawyer, Kindly check below details shall i need to go for new medicals for need to wait till USCIS will send original medicals which already submitted. details are below of RFE" The vaccination section of the Form 1-693. Report of Medical Examination and Vaccination Record. you submitted with your application for adjustment of status is not complete. According to the Form 1-693, you have not received the following required vaccinations which have been recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for someone of your age: • Vairicella Your original Form 1-693 is returned to you in the enclosed scaled envelope. Return to the civil surgeon who completed this form . ONLY THE CIVIL SURGEON SHOULD OPEN THE SEALED ENVELOPE. The civil surgeon should administer any needed vaccinations and document your vaccination history on the 1-693. If you cannot complete a vaccination series because it is not medically appropriate, the civil surgeon should request a waiver of that vaccination requirement on the 1-693. The civil surgeon should complete all portions of the vaccination section of the 1-693 and sign the form in the space provided.

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Category: Employment-based Green Card