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Hello, I am an Indian citizen. I have worked in the US on H1-B for 6 years. My H1-B expired in Dec 2020, and I left the US promptly. Since then, I have been working in my home country for the same company—as a local employee. My company applied for I-140 last year, and it was approved in Dec 2021. They haven't filed for H1-B yet, and I'm still working from my home country. I want to take a break from work after I own the I-140—180 days after its approval—and pursue other interests. Given that my I-140 is approved and my H1-B quota of 6 years expired, my question is 1. Can I return to the US after a few years on a new H1-B, with a different employer? 2. Will my green card process continue from where it was left? 3. Will my priority date remain the same? Thank you

User's Location: Somerville, Alabama, United States of America

Category: Employment-based Green Card